Why Us

Our Mission

Making our customers world better through cloud technology

At TechConnect, we help businesses unlock the insights that are hidden in their data and use cloud technology to make their world better.

From developing more efficient processes that save time and money to creating new technologies that help solve global and social issues.

Whatever your better is, we’re here to help you bring it to life.
With smart technology, clever strategy, creative problem-solving and talented people we deliver solutions that make a difference to our customers and the world.

The Values that Guide Us


We are whole people with passions, pursuits and problems outside of our work. We accept and embrace our humanity and treat each other, and everyone we work with, with care, kindness, empathy and respect.


We work as a team with our colleagues, our clients and our partners — supporting each other to solve problems, sharing and celebrating our wins, and enjoying the ride together.


We are committed to every aspect of our work from kick-off to implementation (and beyond). And we own our mistakes and failures, using what we learn from them to do better in the future.


We approach our work with a sense of possibility and openness. If the tool we need doesn’t exist, we’ll build it. If the problem doesn’t have a clear solution, we’ll find a new approach.


We thrive on turning complex ideas and confusing data into simple insights and solutions. Because we believe the most beautiful and effective systems are also the simplest.

Meet the Team

The faces behind the innovation. We take pride in having a growing and committed team. Some of the finest technical minds in the industry are here to provide you with the expertise you require.

Mike Cunningham

Director - CEO

Mike Cunningham

Director - CEO