Managed Services

Our Warrior Program supports you to deliver value

Are you trying to ensure your cloud environment is secure, reliable, performant, optimised on costs and are reaching operational best practices?

Common cloud challengesSeen in the market

Lack of resources, expertise or time

Managing multiple cloud services

Security needs to be monitored continuously

Need to stay in Compliance

Challenges managing costs

Other Solutionsare Falling short

Current services such as On-Prem, Traditional and Security service providers offer:

  • Management and processes that don’t work anymore
  • Traditional solutions that do not deliver auto-scaling, right-sizing, and alignment to seasonality/periodic peak work loads
  • Traditional solutions that do not deliver self healing, are designed for failure and aren’t aligned to business recoverability objectives
  • Expensive Software tools that only deliver point in time analysis and lag-based activities

Our Warriorsare ready to support you

Our Managed Services will ensure your environment meets operational best practices and make your cloud journey a success.

Operational Excellence Warrior

Laying the foundations for a successful cloud implementation and continued success.

Cost Warrior

Helping you understand costs, so that you can optimize and deliver sustainable cost models into the future, whilst modernising your environment.

Security Warrior

Helping deliver security solutions in the cloud, to ensure security and governance requirements, and protecting your systems and data in the cloud

Performance Efficiency Warrior

Maximising customer experience and continuously improving your efficiency

Reliability Warrior

Helping build more cloud reliability into your solutions and Improving/building recoverability solutions

Sustainability Warrior

Design sustainable solution that support business goals without the major environmental impact

Warrior - Scout

Warrior Scout focuses on 3 pillars of the Well-Architected Framework; Cost, Security and Operational Excellence, empowering your business with a comprehensive and customer-centric managed services offering that provides seamless visibility, efficient issue resolution, and optimized cloud performance, enabling you to achieve your digital transformation goals with confidence and ease.