Data-Driven Everything (D2E)

Think Big, Start Small, and Scale Fast

Do you want to drive business outcomes using data, but are not sure where to start?
Do your business and IT teams struggle to align on a data strategy?

Data driveseverything

The potential to create new outcomes through a digital transformation using database, analytics, AI and ML is within the reach of all enterprises. Historically, customers have struggled with these transformations and often face challenges such as understanding “what great looks like,” data privacy, security, compliance, and creating a data-driven culture.

Data-Driven Everything is a 2-day workshop where Amazon Web Services (AWS) experts and TechConnect come together to customise a data strategy that drives business outcomes. Using Amazon’s proven “working backwards” methodology, we define key customer personas, pain points, benefits, and experiences. The workshop culminates with a read-out that includes a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) with a high-level architecture and delivery plan. Next steps are to initiate a project to deliver the MVP and subsequent prioritised roadmap items based on customer resources and continued engagement.

D2E provides a use-case driven framework to help customers (1) engage business and technology leadership to create a compelling vision, (2) create a product-ready, high velocity engagement for the customer’s most challenging use-case, (3) build experience, (4) delivery of an organisation-wide readiness assessment, and (5) scale with 6 to 9 month roadmap of priority projects. 

“An organisation that harnesses data as an asset, to drive sustained innovation and create actionable insights to supercharge the experience for their customers so they demand more.”

Benefits of following a data-driven Strategy

Align your data strategy across the company

Adopt a unified framework for problem-solving based on Amazon’s proven “working backwards” methodology

Use data more

Build data and analytics technical platform capabilities that foster innovation, agility, and reduce the cost of experimentation

Create a roadmap for improved analytics

Develop an approach to incrementally scale data, platform, and people according to use case priority

Boost your

Build internal expertise by adding easy-to-use services for data analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning



PREPARE: Focus on a meaningful and feasible business use-case with defined business outcomes
DESIGN: Think Big using Amazon’s working backwards techniques (including a PR/FAQ), develop a roadmap and storyboard, scope a minimum viable product (MVP) and high-level architecture based on feasibility
BUILD: MVP with investment from your organisation in experiential learning plus APN partner and AWS accelerators
ASSESS: Scale readiness assessment


PRIORITISE: Business priorities and benefits
ORGANISE: Data community, data literacy, training programs, templates, and tooling
SECURE: Architect for optimal access and security
OPERATE: Automation, metrics, and monitoring 

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