VMware Cloud on AWS

Get Freedom and Flexibility

Journeying to the cloud can unleash an enormous amount of growth potential in your business, but solutions such as on-premises data centres and private cloud management require heavy resource investment.

Access the flexibility in VMware Cloud On Amazon Web Services (AWS) that your organisation needs. With TechConnect Cloud Services for VMware Cloud on AWS allows you to consume what you want, when you need it – it’s cloud on your terms.

With access to VMware Cloud on AWS, your business can expect:

  • 83% less unplanned downtime

  • 27% improved app performance

  • 48% more efficient IT infrastructure teams

  • 46% faster to migrate

What does this mean to your business?

Consume cloud with total flexibility

Run apps in their Ideal venues

Maximise cloud cost-effectiveness

Quickly scale and expand to new geographies

Improve business agility & digital transformation agenda

Flexible models help you mitigate the challenges of resource consumption and operational oversight

Choose from:


Engage our on-demand virtual server with no upfront resource allocation or costs, providing a true public cloud experience.

Allocation Pools

Manage your budget better with a predictable pricing model that sets down your resources and burst capacity to make sure your workloads are reliable even if resources are minimal.

Reservation Pools

Guarantee 100% of reserved capacity for business-critical applications that require a smooth service.

Flex VMs

Pre-fixed menu of on-demand popular size or custom VMs that are easy to deploy, with policy-based control over VM resources.

By adopting a partnership with TechConnect, you gain a unified experience to integrate cloud into your environment and strategies that provides:

Greater Control

Control your own cloud experience with storage policies, firewall policies and more.

Reduced Overhead

Monitor your resources across private and public clouds through a unified single pane of glass with familiar tooling.

Fast Expansion

Rapidly establish cloud resources in new geographies to move apps closer to users and meet data residency requirements.

Easily Managed Multi-Cloud

Connect and manage all your cloud resources in a seamless user experience.

TechConnect Cloud Services for VMware Cloud on AWS engage a broader hybrid cloud experience that offers reliable operations across SDDCs for your Virtual Data Centers

Efficient Operations

Establish operational consistency across your hybrid cloud environments and control your resources across private and public clouds through a unified single pane of glass with tooling you already know. This lets you provision new resources in minutes and handle peaks and seasonality with ease, while managing your cloud experience with storage policies, firewall polices, and more.

  • Access AWS Services to securely unlock new digital transformation capabilities
  • Leverage existing skills and familiar VMware tools
  • Simple workload migration and portability

Enhanced Storage

Without dedicated hosts for your workloads, you can struggle with “noisy neighbors” – other workloads that spike and pull system resources away from you, creating operational challenges. Control your application experience by choosing from a variety of tiered host-based IOPS rules on storage policies to protect workload performance.

  • Scalable AWS S3 Object Storage for unstructured or high-volume data
  • Tier storage with policies for cost-effectiveness
  • Fast, efficient VMware vSAN virtualized storage great for most workloads

Dev Ready

Give your developers easy access to validated, secure apps and streamline deployments with built-in security, networking and compliance controls. Modernize and develop cloud-native apps with Kubernetes support in your preferred environment.

  • Easy VM and container provisioning and management with Kubernetes as a service
  • Validated apps with push-button deployment
  • Support for Terraform infrastructure as code

Global Compliance

As you seek to expand your business to new locations around the country or the world, you must also ensure your data both remains secure and complies with geo-specific regulations. Through this service, you can maintain that regulatory compliance no matter where your data resides and meet all availability and latency requirements without added work on your end.

  • Expand business in minutes to new geographies
  • Unify access across SDDCs between TechConnect and supported VMware Cloud on AWS sites

Cloud Object Storage

Choose between the familiar and robust vSAN as part of the SDDC, and your Amazon S3 cloud object storage (COS). COS is highly scalable and can be more cost-effective for unstructured data, such as video from surveillance cameras, or high volumes of data too large for VMware Cloud on AWS internal vSAN storage.

  • Infrequently access data can be moved to lower cost storage
  • Suitable for cloud scalability and grows with your data without limitation
  • Retrieve data much faster compared to other storage types

TechConnect Cloud Services for VMware Cloud on AWS is integrated with private and public cloud options through a unified Service Delivery Platform (SDP) for efficient workload portability, policy-driven controls and self-service options for business agility, which are designed to seamlessly run your VMware workloads.

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