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The Problem:Legacy is Not Fit for the Future

Customers today have told us that the backup systems being used over the years, don’t align with the ‘what the business needs tomorrow’.

IT is being asked to do more with less but the backup tools in place require a ton of manual effort and baby sitting. As the data grows the environment becomes more complex to keep up with requirements.

These legacy tools have outdated architectures. Not only do they result in slower and inconsistent recoveries over time, they significantly slow down the organizations ability to adjust, pivot and stay competitive.

All of this forces organizations to buy multiple backup products from multiple vendors for different workloads/use cases and spend a ton of money in the process. That doesn’t include the cost to train people or hire someone to run those legacy systems. And, these are typically large CAPEX purchases that require frequent hardware refreshes and carry unpredictable costs in future years.

The Problem:Legacy is Not Fit for the Future

The Solution:Rubrik Next-Gen Data Management

Rubrik Modernises Protection

Consolidate & Simplify

Distill complex, fragmented infrastructure into one software-defined, secure by design solution.

Accelerate Recovery

Deliver rapid recoveries with instant RTOs and RPOs. Search for data quickly. Transform data into cloud-ready assets.


Eliminate expensive renewals unaccompanied by innovation.

Enable Your Cloud Journey

Enable your Cloud Journey

Secure by Design



End-to-end encryption. Take a backup. Store a backup. Replicate a backup. Archive a backup.

Audit Compliance Reporting

Audit / Compliance Reporting

All user events + cluster events logged and viewable via UI.



Multi-tenancy and RBAC for BUs/LOBs/individuals to manage data policies while IT retains control and compliance. All data operations performed through authenticated APIs.



Append-only filesystem designed for ransomware immunity.

Native Immutability

Native Immutability

Rubrik for Cyber-Resiliency

Comprimised backups

Ensure backups cannot be compromised


Detect anomalies and assess impact

Initiate 1-click granular file recoveries

Rubrik for Data Governance


Identify sensitive data exposure to minimize risk of breach


Assist with regulatory or audit compliance


Automate data classification for time savings

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