Excel in your business with analytics

Are you still making business decisions using clunky, unreliable spreadsheets?

Traditional Spreadsheet VS Excellytics

Traditional Spreadsheets

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What is Excellytics?

Our Excellytics solution, will improve data presentation and reporting methods; Unlike current manual error-prone practices.

Our solution creates a centralised, safe & secure environment, displaying validated data through visualisation tools for use in reporting and automations.

This is all backed by our proven expertise in delivering business value from data you can trust.


Excellytics extension on Cin7


Do you use Cin7 and are looking for insights to make business or supply chain decisions?

Are you prevented by the limitations and standard reporting within Cin7 software?

Our Excellytics for Cin7 solution, can improve visibility and sharing of information to enable the business to optimize performance. It is easy to use, sharable and gives the ability to make business decisions quickly.