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The premier solution for small and medium-sized businesses. Our intuitive platform delivers precise demographic metrics for targeted marketing campaigns in just two minutes. Councils can empower their SMB’s with Ask Morty to make swift, informed decisions and boost marketing efficiency. Harnessing the power of up-to-date census data to gain customer insights and unlock growth-driving analysis. Eliminate time-consuming data analysis and propel your SMB’s forward with Ask Morty today!

TheValuefor your council

Witness remarkable growth and improved satisfaction among constituents as Ask Morty revolutionises the way councils operate, delivering unparalleled value and transforming communities for the better by providing easy access to information relevant to your council.

1. Empower Decision-Making

Harness the power of data-driven information so your SMB’s can make informed choices that improve community outcomes and enhance your constituents’ quality of life.

2. Maximise Resource Efficiency

Help businesses with the ability to better budget resources by identifying areas of greatest need, ensuring impactful investments that resonate, based on your local information.

3. Strengthen Community Bonds

Leverage the understanding of your constituents’ needs and preferences to craft tailored engagement strategies, fostering trust and building lasting connections.

4. Accelerate Growth and Development

Utilise valuable data insights to drive economic growth, attract investment, and create a thriving environment that benefits both residents and businesses.

5. Revolutionise Governance

Streamline operations, increase transparency, and showcase your council’s commitment to innovation and excellence, setting a new benchmark in local governance.


2023 National Awards for Local Government winners

Moreton Bay Regional Council (QLD) in the Regional Growth category for its free automated data concierge service, Ask Morty, which helps small businesses make evidence-based decisions.

TheValuefor your SMB Businesses

SMB’s can get simple answers to simple question quickly to assist marketing campaigns to gain business success.  This allows them to optimise strategies and drive unprecedented growth for their business.

1. Effortless answers to simple questions

Discover the convenience of swift information using Ask Morty. With just a few simple inputs, our user-friendly platform delivers comprehensive demographic metrics within minutes. Effortlessly make informed decisions, refine marketing strategies, and expand reach, all while saving time and focusing on growing their business.

2. Targeted Marketing Precision

Ask Morty’s view of interrelated variables across your Council, delivers accurate demographic information, including population age, gender, work or study status, home ownership, and more. SMBs are able to tailor marketing campaigns for maximum impact and customer engagement.

3. Granular Suburb Insights

Recognising regional demographic diversity, Ask Morty offers suburb-level data, allowing businesses to identify target markets within individual or clusters of interconnected suburbs, from suburbs in the South to neighbourhoods in the North.

4. Future-Ready Strategies

Help businesses in your council stay ahead of the game with Ask Morty’s forward-thinking approach. This platform not only reveals current demographic concentrations but also predicts future trends and residential patterns. By understanding where their target audience is likely to be living in the future, they can plan ahead, adapt their marketing strategies, and position their business for long-term success.

Customer Story -Moreton bay Regional Council

Moreton Bay Regional Council (MBRC) is the 3rd largest local government in Australia by population, with residents nearing 500,000 and a land area of more than 2,045 square kilometres. Situated to the North of Brisbane, MBRC is one of the fastest-growing LGAs in Australia.

MBRC have a strong focus on innovation, economic growth and providing value to its constituents through continued investment into technology.

Mayor Flannery said Council hopes the chatbot will help local companies to reach more customers and grow their business.

“With more than 90% of all businesses in the region being micro or small businesses, an increase in small business performance throughout the region will be a key contributor to the achievement of the goals of our Regional Economic Development Strategy (REDS) 2020-2041,” Mayor Flannery said.

‘’Moreton Bay Regional Council is incredibly proud to be the first council in Australia to offer this type of tool to its residents.

Peter Flannery – Mayor at Moreton Bay Regional Council

Published 27 September 2022


ASK MORTY - Council Ready Data Concierge
Up To $35,000 Depending on Council Size
  • Includes set up and data preparation for your region.
  • **Councils can band together

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