Cloud Migrations

Your Cloud Journey

Are you looking at starting or extending your cloud journey but not sure where to start?

Common challenges or pain pointsSeen in the market

Uncertainty in adopting a cloud strategy

Not sure where to start due to a lack of technical knowledge to design and implement a cloud strategy

Data security & recoverability is a concern from a cost perspective

Traditional On-prem solutions are not easily scalable without huge investments (hardware, etc.)

Not understanding what “Modernization” means

The need to reduce their carbon footprint and how that can be applied in IT infrastructure

Uncertainty over cost benefits (from hardware updates, servers, floorspace to support the hardware/servers, electricity bills are high due to cooling equipment, have larger IT systems to support)

Why Other SolutionsFall Short

Current Providers:
  • Offer technical or point solutions that don’t always align to business
  • Are not agile
  • Look at a point in time costs and not TCO
  • Don’t support the continuing journey
Staying on-prem:
  • Have inherent growth and scalability issues
  • Have higher and increasing costs
  • Inferior security or back up solution – once it’s gone, it’s gone
  • Limited accessibility and mobility

What'sNeeded & Why?

If this continues, your business could become irrelevant, incur a business damaging event and/or brand damage, costs will continue to increase, and have no ability to grow or expand. This will cost you market share, revenue, staff, customers, brand reputation and/or your business (No data, no business) and ultimately cost more to play catchup.

7 Migration Strategiesfor workloads

  1. RETIRE​ | No longer needed​
  2. RETAIN​ | Not prioritized for migration​
  3. RELOCATE​ | Move VMWare based apps to VMWare Cloud on AWS (VMC)​
  4. REHOST​ | Lift-and-shift: to quickly capture business benefits; transform once migrated for additional value
    REHOST+ | Lift-and-upgrade: Windows Server Upgrade (Windows 2005/2008 to 2016)​
  5. REPURCHASE​ | Move to SaaS​
  6. RE-PLATFORM​ | Platform Optimisation (e.g. to reduce OS/DB licensing costs)​
  7. REFACTOR​ | Reimagine app architecture and development​

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OurCloud Migrations

Our Cloud Migrations, focuses on productivity, Improving security and operational resilience, reducing costs, increasing innovation and scalability, whilst also being able to deliver digital transformation and modernisation.

Other migration solutions, only offer technical or point solutions that don’t align to the business.  Other options such as staying on-prem; which is not built for growth, have higher and increasing costs, cannot secure data – once it’s gone, it’s gone and cannot allow employees to work from anywhere.

TechConnect’s cloud migrations will support your journey, from migration, modernization and continued innovation, Because of our expertise in data and helping customers successfully migrate to the cloud is proof that we can deliver value for your business.

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