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Earthwise Analytics

Innovate for a Greener Future

Sustainability Challenges

Achieving Compliance

Reducing carbon footprint and energy consumption
Implementing processes to reduce emissions and energy usage is complex without efficient systems for collecting compliance data to accurately report sustainability metrics.
Meeting environmental regulations
Compliance is crucial for global companies operating in multiple jurisdictions to avoid fines and maintain a positive reputation.
Ensuring supply chain sustainability
Complex supply chains require ongoing effort to ensure sustainability, including adopting sustainable practices, responsible sourcing, and minimising waste across different countries.
Emphasising Circular Economy Principles
Transitioning to a circular economy and managing sustainability risks, such as financial implications, are daunting but essential for businesses and involves prioritising recycling, reusability, and waste reduction throughout the product lifecycle.

Meeting Business Goals

Setting clear sustainability targets and KPI
Align concrete sustainability targets with mission and industry standards to avoid conflicts with short-term financial gains and long-term sustainability goals 
Developing comprehensive ESG reporting and transparency
Developing comprehensive and accurate ESG reports and communicating these sustainability efforts to stakeholders is important to your business.
Incorporating sustainability into decision-making processes
Develop the ability to include sustainability considerations into your business decision-making processes and corporate strategy.
Green Finance
Embracing “Green Finance” attracts eco-conscious investors, promotes sustainability, and enhances the company’s reputation as a responsible organisation.

Stakeholder Engagement

Building Stakeholder Relationships & Communication for Sustainability
Building strong stakeholder relationships through effective communication is crucial for implementing changes and securing necessary resources, especially in the absence of executive support.
Invest in eco-friendly products and services
R&D investments in eco-friendly products and services that meet customer demands and contribute positively to the environment.
Upskill employees and foster a sustainability culture
Investing in employee training and fostering a culture that values sustainability, encouraging active participation in sustainability initiatives.
Preparing for the future
Many businesses lack the expertise, skills, and resources for full-scale sustainability efforts. Partnering with experts can aid in upskilling, talent retention, training, and technology investment.

Earthwise Analytics

Are you a Sustainability leader, looking to make change?

Earthwise Analytics enables organisations to identify the most impactful improvements to decarbonise whilst achieving accurate compliance reporting. Earthwise Analytics uses GRI to achieve the ISSB requirements.

Earthwise Analytics drives an information-driven culture with robust reporting tools, aligns stakeholders for unified sustainability vision, ensures compliance, fosters innovation, combats greenwashing, and supports stakeholder engagement.

How to Implement Earthwise Analytics

Phase 1

<15 Days

Phase 2

Earthwise Analytics Deployment

Phase 3

Continuous Improvement

Features &Benefits

Core Features

Earthwise Analytics Landing Zone

Well-Architected landing area complies with governance and security requirements

Power core data accelerator

Ingest and export information quickly for immediate consumption.

Seamless integration with your existing systems

Using our open architecture allows you to ingest any information, from any of your systems into the sustainability report.

Automated ingestion of utility bills

Prevent hours of manual data input, by automating the process of gathering and collating utility bill data.

Visualisations for reducing emissions and energy costs

Visual overview of selected ESG information and use of insights to inform decarbonization priorities.

Visualisation Benefits

Real-time ESG State insights and reporting capabilities

Stay on top of your sustainability performance, identify improvement opportunities, and make timely decisions to meet ESG goals. Respond swiftly to changes, showcase your commitment to sustainability, and attract environmentally conscious investors and stakeholders, giving your business a competitive edge.

Actionable insights for reducing emissions and energy costs

Make informed decisions, optimise operations, and achieve sustainability goals while saving on energy expenses for a greener and cost-efficient future.

Real-time alerting when sustainability targets are not met

Stay proactive, take corrective actions, and ensure progress towards your sustainability goals, enabling transparent and impactful decision-making for a greener future.

Comprehensive view of your company's sustainability efforts

Identify strengths, areas for improvement, and track progress with clarity, empowering effective decision-making and enhanced sustainability performance.

Customisable dashboards and reporting features

Enjoy customisable dashboards and reporting features. Tailor data visualisations to your preferences, access critical insights efficiently, and make data-driven decisions for a more streamlined and effective business strategy.

Support Benefits

Additional data ingestion and use cases

Expand insights, explore new possibilities, and uncover valuable connections, maximising the potential of your data for informed decision-making and improved business outcomes.

Expert support from our team of sustainability and data experts

Gain valuable insights, leverage industry knowledge, and navigate sustainability challenges with confidence for a more successful and impactful sustainability journey.

Automated real-time alerting for platform or pipeline failure

Stay ahead of potential issues, ensure operational efficiency, and minimise downtime for seamless performance and increased productivity.

Optimisation of information helping achieve objectives

Harness valuable insights, align strategies, and make informed decisions, accelerating progress towards goals for enhanced success and growth.

Security posture

Enhance your security posture with confidence. Safeguard critical assets, protect against threats, and ensure data integrity, ensuring peace of mind and trust for your business and stakeholders.

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