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It is hard enough managing security against functionality and cost at the best of times. Throw in a pandemic – even an epidemic – and it will test the best laid business continuity plans and create risk through un-managed change. Now that the rush is largely over and Australia is taking stock, it is a good time to make sure your security posture has not been severely weakened.

It is not just a pandemic that should concern business owners and executives. Businesses are being driven to provide mobility solutions to attract and retain the best talent, this brings with it some risks through an ever growing network boundary.

Most businesses think they know what applications are in use, where data is flowing and that the security is holistic. Let’s double check that for you; TechConnect are providing an in-depth security assessment to help businesses understand the current threat landscape that applies within your extended network boundary.

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Why should you care about this right now?

  • Businesses are more spread out than ever. Your remote and mobile users are consuming cloud applications without the traditional protection of your business network (perimeter security).

  • 90% of today’s data has been created in the past two years and shared across internal, external, and third-party accounts. All that sharing is happening over encrypted connections so businesses lose sight of what is being sent, the traditional approach no longer works.

  • As the threats to your business evolve (the threat landscape), the majority of today’s threats are being weaponised and delivered from the cloud. This means weapons such as Ransomware(encrypting your data and making you buy the key) and Exfiltration of Data (siphoning your data out of your network).

  • We’ve partnered with the best in the industry, to bring holistic security solutions for mobility, cloud and data. Let us show you how we help businesses address these evolving security needs driven by digital transformation – all delivered from the cloud, in a modern security platform.

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Monitor And Assess Risk With Cloud App And Web Usage

  • Allows you to monitor cloud and web usage

  • Provide potential risks to company data

  • See data movement across cloud apps and alert on this behaviour

  • Covers most cloud apps including AWS, Office 365/Azure, Google cloud

Granular Control Of Unmanaged Cloud Apps

  • Steer all cloud traffic (thousands of cloud services) and decode in real-time dozens of activities such as login, logout, upload, download, share, post, view, edit, etc.

  • Differentiate between corporate-managed instances of apps and personal instances and assign policies to govern it

  • Support the selection of app categories as part of policies

  • Allow you to use 1 policy for thousands of apps instead of 1 policy for every app

Provide Web Filtering And Coach Users On Acceptable Use Including Apps

  • Provide URL filtering by category and custom categories for web traffic

  • Provide visibility and monitoring of apps, plus app risk profile ratings

  • Provide alerts with coaching for users on acceptable use and preferred low-risk apps

  • Provide a combination policy that incorporates both cloud and web into a single policy

Protect Against Malware And Apply Multi-Layer Advanced Threat Detection

  • Provide real-time threat protection for all web traffic, apps, and cloud services for offices and remote users with managed devices with no by-passing of apps or cloud services

  • Provide real-time threat protection for users on personal devices accessing managed apps

  • Leverage third-party threat intelligence feeds as part of the inspection, plus custom Indicators Of Compromise (IOC) hashes and URLs

Data Protection

Provide Advanced Data Protection Across The Cloud And Web

  • Provide dozens of ready to use DLP compliance and regulation templates

  • Inspect files in transit to and from the cloud and web, posts to websites, posts to social media, posts to cloud apps like Slack

  • Follow data that has been downloaded from one app and uploaded to another

  • Bring in context including user, device, location, app, app instance, activity, and content to increase accuracy

  • Support for fingerprinting with similarity matching, and exact data matching

Provide Direct-To-Internet Coverage For Remote Offices And Remote Workers

  • Provide a globally distributed network infrastructure that is optimised for performance and security

  • Provide IPsec or GRE tunnels for remote offices for direct-to-internet access

  • URL filtering for managed devices on and off-network and bring in context such as user groups into policy

  • By-pass traffic based on location, category, or domain

  • Ability to classify devices based on security posture and reflect this classification in access policies

Data Loss Prevention

Data Loss Prevention

  • 360° data protection across SaaS, IaaS, and web

  • Targeted data protection

  • Advanced capabilities including fingerprinting, exact match, and optical character recognition

  • Monitor Privileged accounts and prevent unauthorised activity in IaaS instances

  • Be aware of context, e.g., activities such as “create” and “edit” and objects such as “instances” and “buckets”

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