Security & Malware Assessment

Security & Malware Assessment

Creating peace of mind with best practices

DVConnect is a free and confidential service that helps Queenslanders who are feeling unsafe at home, find pathways to safety, away from domestic, family and sexual violence. The organisation also provides emergency transport and accommodation for entire families including their pets, creating safety plans, crisis counselling, intervention, information, and referrals at no cost.

DVConnect also offers education through their Workplace Domestic and Family Violence Training program.

The Customer Challenge

With a series of recent attacks on other sizeable companies, DVConnect wanted the “peace of mind” that their IT environment was secure and met best practices. This was especially important for the customer as they were handling very sensitive information and are required to manage and ensure that it is always secure. Lack of a good security posture could also adversely affect their insurance premiums.

Another area of focus was to understand potential areas of vulnerability and how they could best address these to ensure business continuity in offering their critical counselling services to customers.

The Solution

TechConnect conducted an online security audit covering the customers Microsoft O365 tenancy and a malware security assessment. These audits review current policies and procedures that are in place, in both the customer’s O365 tenancy and their other IT systems, as well as how secure and documented their current processes are.

The assessment report that is produced rates DVConnect’s security procedures and highlights any shortcomings so they can be remediated.

The Outcome

The assessment and audit results showed that DVConnect’s overall security and their process of protecting sensitive information was very good.

As always though, there were some areas that were recommended and highlighted that could be improved, such as email security, multi factor authentication, and their compliance and governance documentations. With these added improvements, it will enable DVConnect to further secure their IT infrastructure.

Due to DVConnect and TechConnect running these reports, DVConnect was able to secure a more favourable cyber insurance policy with their insurer.