Data Discovery & Design (DD&D)

Make the leap from reporting on the past, to predicting the future

What is a Data Discovery & Design (DD&D)?

TechConnect offers a comprehensive Data Discovery & Design (DD&D) workshop that provides an efficient and effective way to understand the business and technical context of any problem that needs to be solved. The workshop, which typically takes no more than half a day, involves collaboration with key stakeholders to fully comprehend the problem space, environment, and scope we are working in. This enables us to provide a measure to qualify and quantify how solving the problem will benefit the company.

Ideation Cycle

The outcomes of the Discovery & Design workshop are then used by our TechConnect technical team to develop a solution that is tailored to fit the organisation, encompassing all existing systems and data sources. We understand the importance of not disrupting your current technology, which is why our comprehensive assessment creates a detailed plan on the next steps focusing on your technical environment and business initiatives. Finally, we present the solution, along with a ballpark estimate and next steps to move forward, in a final meeting. Our approach to Discovery & Design covers all stages of the thought cycle, from innovation to development to actualisation, giving our clients the confidence that their problem is being tackled in the most comprehensive and efficient way possible.

The deliverables

Our Design approach produces actual deliverables and addresses specific issues.
  1. Identifies areas with the highest Return on Investment (ROI) to set prioritisation.
  2. 2. Creates a high-level overview of the existing as-is state.
  3. Deep analyses of the minimal number of data sources as identified in the as-is state analysis required
  4. Execute a minimum valuable implementation of the primary use case.
  5. Create documentation for current, next and future architectures complete with services provided, intent, and optimal functionality.
  6. Identifies gaps, roadblocks, and requirements related to the business goals.
  7. Estimates human and technology capital investment requirements for executive review.
  8. Outlines a high-level roadmap from current state to future state.
  9. Actively uncovers and identifies stakeholders across the business to ensure organisational alignment.
  10. Obligation free workshop artifacts provided with no pressure to use TechConnect services once solution is provided.
Key business drivers Analytics Insights Business Process SMART Goals
Value Sliders RAID Customer Personas Vision Statement
High-level Technical Solution To-be Customer Journey Validation Non-Functional Requirements Concept Sketches Workshop
Stakeholder Map Story Mapping Feature Identification Dependency Mapping
Business Analyst Tech Consultant/s BDM Facilitator

Pricing and how to get started


$ 18,000**
  • Workshop can be facilitated remote or on-site*
  • AWS Funding available if you meet eligible criteria*
  • *On-Site: Additional charges will apply for outside of Brisbane & Gold Coast