Security Warrior

Security Warrior

Manage risk and secure your business


Security is more important then ever before, but it seems to be getting more complex and harder to stay on top of. We have listened to our customers and found a common theme in the challenges that businesses face everyday – does this sound like you?

Lack of resources, expertise or time

Scattered solutions are difficult to manage

Security needs to be monitored continuously

Need to stay in Compliance

Challenges managing costs while maintaining the best level of security

Can’t see your overall security posture

Are you trying to manage risk, secure your business from bad actors,
ransomware and/or hacking?

OurSecurity Warrior

Our Security Warrior, will give you the visibility and remediation into your security posture to manage the risk through an affordable single pane of glass solution. From reviewing your entire security posture to running and managing the process to get you on track, this solution is for you.

We are trusted advisors in security through our experience, knowledge and broad scope of working with security issues.


Empower your cybersecurity resilience with our essential penetration testing service, preemptively detecting and neutralizing potential threats. What sets us apart? It's not just a report; it's a tailored strategy providing actionable insights to strengthen your defenses and ensure your digital fortress remains unyielding in the face of evolving cyber threats.

Ransomware Readiness Assessment

Wonder why a ransomware assessment is crucial? Envision fortifying your digital fortress against ransomware threats, gaining a strategic advantage in understanding and bolstering your defenses. Uncover vulnerabilities, fortify weak points, and ensure peace of mind in the evolving cyber threat landscape by running a ransomware assessment today.

ISO/IEC 27001 Company Policies and Procedures

In the face of rising cyber-crime and constant threats, managing cyber-risks can feel daunting. ISO/IEC 27001 offers a proactive, holistic approach to information security, providing a framework for risk management, cyber-resilience, and operational excellence by vetting people, policies, and technology.

Microsoft 365 Security Assessment

Dive into a comprehensive analysis of your configurations, discover best practices, and receive personalized recommendations to fortify your defenses today and safeguard your future. Elevate your security game with insights that go beyond the ordinary.

Cloud Security Posture Assessment

Continuous high-level reporting on your Cloud Security Posture is essential for a proactive cybersecurity approach, providing a comprehensive overview of vulnerabilities and ensuring swift responses to deviations from best practices. This ongoing reporting empowers strategic decision-making, transparent communication with stakeholders, and effective adaptation to evolving cyber threats in the dynamic digital landscape.

Security - Managed Services

Managing risk is crucial, but not everyone has the time or capabilities for constant monitoring. Cloud Cost abnormality monitoring offers real-time insights, optimizing your expenditure. Rapid Remediation ensures swift addressing of assessment recommendations, enhancing overall system security and performance. Equally critical is our commitment to 4-hour End User Support, minimizing disruptions for a smooth operational experience. In today's digital landscape, these proactive measures are essential for maintaining the health of your cloud ecosystem.


Security Warrior

From $3,827 38 Monthly
  • Annual Penetration Testing
  • Quarterly high-level report on Ransomware Readiness Assessment
  • Continuous high-level reporting on Microsoft 365 Secure Score Assessment
  • Continuous high-level reporting on Cloud Security Posture Assessment
  • Cloud Cost abnormality monitoring and alerting
  • Remediation of assessment recommendations up to 4 hours
  • End User Support up to 4 hours

Wanting more?

  • Quarterly or Annual Penetration Testing
  • A High level* or In-depth** ISO/IEC 27001:2022 Assessment
  • Monthly Ransomware Readiness Assessment
  • Additional Support hours
  • Additional remediation hours
  • On-Prem Security Posture Assessment

*The High-Level ISO27001 Assessment provides an initial quick start evaluation of operational applications, service desk, security applications, and more, including a review of reusable policies and procedures across organizational, people, physical, and technological control themes, resulting in a deliverable high-level report with an executive overview and gap analyses.

**In-depth for Small, Medium or Large: The In-depth Small, Medium, or Large Initial Audit assesses applicable controls, primary and supporting assets, and conducts a gap analysis on controls, policies, procedures, and work instructions, resulting in deliverables such as a high-level gap assessment, a draft ISMS Statement of Applicability, a draft ISMS Documentation log, and a high-level project plan with associated effort, external audit costs, and timelines.