Lenka Bosman

Service Desk Team Engineer

Lenka is a seasoned professional with a passion for both helping people and excelling in diverse fields. Though having completed her Level 1 ambulance course (BAA) in 2010, she followed a different path, but her unwavering love for assisting others has remained a driving force throughout her career.

With over 13 years of invaluable experience in administration and customer service, coupled with 9 years of dedicated IT support, Lenka possesses a unique blend of skills that make her a valuable asset to any team. Her eagerness to learn and expand their knowledge showcases her commitment to providing exceptional support to colleagues and clients alike.

Lenka is more than just a professional; she is a compassionate individual who thrives on making a positive impact. She is also a proud wife and mother who in her spare time loves the outdoors, going camping and fishing, and even working towards getting her firearm license, while still finding time to work on baking and cooking creations in the kitchen.