Online Gaming in the Cloud – Part 2



With over 75 years combined experience in online gaming, TechConnect will make your journey to the cloud a success. TechConnect is well versed in online gaming regulatory requirements, security and building robust cloud infrastructures.

Leveraging the Cloud

Some applications are better suited to the cloud, are quicker to migrate, are of less value and are of less risk to the business. Selecting the appropriate applications to move is an important step in embarking on a successful cloud migration.

Another important step in the cloud migration journey is investing in a proof-of-concept early on in the process. This assists the organisation in answering many of the lingering questions, helps identify gaps and provides a way to estimate the steps ahead.

TechConnect’s value is their ability to provide a simple, systematic process to assist the organisation during their cloud adoption strategy, and then assist them afterwards in ensuring that the anticipated benefits are realised.


  • Analyse IT infrastructure and costs.
  • Architect and recommend solutions.
  • Perform cost analysis and estimation of potential cloud services.

Prove the concept:

  • Build proof-of-concept (“PoC”) environments to validate assumptions.
  • Perform functional integration testing.

Migrate – Move applications across the value spectrum, including:

  • Archiving, and disaster recovery.
  • Infrastructure components.
  • Business critical applications.


  • Monitor the end-to-end cloud environment and on premises monitoring, as required.
  • Monitor costs.
  • Tune, enhance and optimise to continuously improve the environment.
  • Secure.

Using this approach, TechConnect can help minimise the risks associated with migrating applications to the cloud and ensure the greatest chance of success, delivering the most benefit to the organisation.

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