Cloud Operations & Data Analytics

ZapGroup is a mobile payments and merchant services company with brands including QR DroidTM, ZapperTM and ZapZapTM.

ZapGroup is a company that was born in the cloud and makes extensive use of the services provided by Amazon Web Services.

The business is really focused on the delivery of its core payments capabilities and recognised that building a complete IT service to support the business would require international support.  ZapGroup required a partner to assist with delivery of 24×7 support services, improved management of cloud-based IT assets, cloud service integration, innovative delivery of high availability and high data volume solutions.

The Customer Challenge

Cloud allows organisations to embrace an agile model but this isn’t without pitfalls. In an organisation such as ZapGroup the focus is on product delivery and the staff are predominantly business people and software developers. This leaves a significant gap in the operational capability and can result in less than effective IT cost management, low operational maturity, increased business risk and reduced agility.

ZapGroup needed assistance and sought out TechConnect IT Solutions to assist in the delivery of an operational competency and improved cloud adoption.

The Approach

TechConnect IT Solutions, a proudly Australian company, assisted ZapGroup in defining and building an operational competency aligned to the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (“ITIL”).  ITIL provides best practice for organisations to manage an IT operation and infrastructure.

TechConnect’s management team has extensive ITIL experience and was able to deliver a rapid result and a platform for ZapGroup to achieve operational efficiencies.

Innovative solutions have been delivered through the use of Universal PlatformTM, a product of TechConnect, to achieve high capacity interfaces and solutions for BigData capture, processing and storage.  Not only does Universal PlatformTM provide an Enterprise Service Bus it also provides integration services for Amazon Web Services automation.

The Outcomes

ZapGroup have an improved operational capability, less business risk, improved cost management and comprehensive integration services through the use of TechConnect IT Solutions’ skills and unique value proposition of Universal PlatformTM to deliver innovative solutions.