Mining Operator Variability

Short Interval Control Solutions for Operator Variability

The Customer Challenge

People are critical to the safe and efficient operation of a mine. Machine operators have to contend with daily operational issues and unplanned events, both up and down stream of the processing plant, as well as other variables such as weather conditions that impact ore consistency and slurry events. Operator training and experience levels can have a significant production impact, depending on how they respond to events.

Our mining customer were looking to identify opportunities for improvement at the operator, team and shift levels, while also considering environmental and equipment performance factors which can influence production efficiency.

The Solution

TechConnect worked closely with the customer digital squads, comprising subject matter experts and analysts, to deliver visual dashboard solutions that enables a short interval control process to maximise mining operator performance. Mining operator performance is measured and reported against individual, team and shift performance levels. Additional reporting metrics such as ore quality, plant management systems [equipment availability], level of compliance to mandated machine operational settings, chemical use and so forth are displayed to the Site Asset Operation Centre (SAOC).

The SAOC can take immediate action or deal with exceptions based on the analytical dashboards to ensure a consistent performance level for maximum efficiency and yield, delivering an improved All-In Sustaining Cost (AISC) for the mine.


Microsoft PowerBI


Microsoft SQL Servers

Microsoft Azure