Creating a trend with automated reporting

Getting the right information to the right people, at the right time

The Customer Challenge

The Metallurgy team at a mining company collect data from hundreds of sensors in the Autoclave equipment and then generate daily reports to monitor their operational indicators and any exceptions that may occur. These current manual reports help the business to visualise their operational outcomes and mitigate any issues that might occur by looking for any exceptions in the various reports.

This process involves the Head of Metallurgy and their team generating the required reports manually. This is time consuming and so the mining company engaged TechConnect IT Solutions to help streamline their reporting process.

The Solution

TechConnect worked closely with the Metallurgy team to understand the full reporting lifecycle, from collection of data, through to what information should be reported on, and the different personas in the organisation that require specific reports.

Through this, the main consideration was how to take complex information and produce meaningful, easy-to-read reports that give a clear insight to the operational indicators monitored.

The end goal was to develop a range of different reports, including full scope reports of all operational indicators and exceptions across the Autoclaves, other equipment and utilities. Significantly, an exceptions report for each critical area would detect trends that are outside of the defined limits.

TechConnect met this goal by streamlining the data collection and introducing new trends, and then transforming the data into meaningful information and charts. They also introduced scheduled reporting that generates these reports daily and sends them directly to the relevant stakeholders, thus improving time and efficiency in distributing the information.

With the help of full-colour charts, deviations outside of the limits set form a trend with which the Head of Metallurgy can use to quickly contact the staff responsible for the various components of the Autoclave and discuss an action plan on how to proactively fix the issue.

The trends also identify any downtime in the Autoclave and other parts of the machinery that might go unnoticed and be costly for the business over time.

With an end-to-end automated reporting process, the Metallurgy team save time that was previously spent generating reports manually providing clear insight into their operational indicators and distributing reports consistently to the right people each day.

Overall, this project provides valuable outcomes to the metallurgical division.


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