Loading Equipment Fleet Monitoring

Increasing Efficiencies through Data Visualisation - Creating Foresight through Insight

The Customer Challenge

Our mining customer collects data from hundreds of sensors in their fleet of loading equipment to monitor their operational status and identify if equipment or element failures have occurred. The information is collected in a .csv file, analysed manually by stakeholders within the business.

To effectively manage their fleet of loaders, the Reliability and Planning Improvement team need to be aware of the state of their loading equipment at any time. The information is critical in identifying any maintenance concerns as it occurs, promptly acting in advance to decrease equipment downtime and in turn increase efficiencies.

Furthermore, the team monitors the status of equipment undergoing maintenance, what components were affected and easily share this information with relevant stakeholders.

The Solution

TechConnect worked with the Reliability and Planning Improvement team understanding the maintenance lifecycle, from causes of a maintenance alert, what information should be reported on and who in the organisation requires visibility on this process.

The solution collects data from all the equipment and visualises it on a dashboard, providing a simplistic consolidated view of information. The dashboard provides valuable insights into what maintenance concerns occurred with specific equipment, what components were affected, how it was fixed and when it was resolved.

The dashboard applies consistent colour coding showing the different alert levels; This allows items to be clicked on to view more information – such as details of the alarm in the last 24 hours. The user can then easily navigate and pinpoint specific equipment by viewing the exact sensor triggering the maintenance alarm and quickly identify what is required for repair. A record is captured about the actions required to repair the equipment and the alert levels automatically refresh providing up-to-date equipment status every 2 minutes.

Certain benefits of the solution are completely automated, no manual collection of data is required. Using the mining companies existing data collection strategy, the solution is highly scalable, enabling the organisation to implement new equipment quickly and easily for monitoring.

The solution provides the organisation increased efficiencies as the Reliability and Planning Improvement team monitor the accuracy of their equipment, use the insights gained to improve maintenance planning and boost profitability by reducing equipment downtime.


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