Excellytics Unlocks Player Performance Insights

Excellytics Unlocks Player Performance Insights

Transforming the Canberra Raiders’ Game Plan

The Canberra Raiders, often referred to simply as the Raiders or Green Machine, were established in 1982. They are a professional rugby league team based in Canberra, Australia, and are a prominent and successful franchise in the National Rugby League (NRL), one of the premier rugby league competitions in the world.

The Customer Challenge

The Canberra Raiders sought a dependable reporting solution to deliver precise data on essential performance indicators for their players, empowering them to make well-informed decisions that are data-driven and protect their players from injury.

The Solution

TechConnect’s ‘Excellytics’ solution was seamlessly integrated to meet the specific needs of the Canberra Raiders. This integration has ushered in a more streamlined process of data management, offering the team a centralised and highly secure environment for data presentation, reporting, and automation, all driven by meticulously validated data and robust visualisations.

Excellytics plays a pivotal role in streamlining the team’s operations by consolidating data from diverse spreadsheets and subjecting it to meticulous cross-validation. This powerful tool empowers the Canberra Raiders to comprehensively evaluate player performance and strength across a spectrum of critical metrics. The implementation of visual indicators, including the intuitive traffic lights system, serves as a quick and efficient means of flagging potential areas of concern, facilitating the proactive mitigation of injuries by the sports science team.

Notably, Excellytics provides the flexibility needed to adapt and fine-tune reports on the fly, utilising user-friendly filters and interactive elements within its interface. This adaptability ensures that the team can effortlessly tailor their data analysis to their evolving needs, maximising usability and relevance.

Excellytics’ interactive visualisations have revolutionised the way the Canberra Raiders interpret player data. These visual aids offer real-time insights that are not only quick and interactive but also highly precise. Furthermore, the ability to visualise trends and data falling outside accepted norms simplifies the process of identifying and addressing potential issues, enhancing the overall accuracy of player assessment and injury prevention efforts.

The Outcome

The Excellytics solution has allowed the Raiders to quickly ingest the performance data and make decisions relevant to player performance and health. Furthermore, with its smart filters and easy dashboard layout, information can be investigated to a more granular detail with the click of a few buttons. Most impressively the dashboard has been designed with scalability online and now the dashboards have the capacity to be easily onboarded to other Canberra Raiders teams within the pathways system.


NRL Sport Scientist/Club Physiotherapist- Canberra Raiders

“The experience with TechConnect on their Excellytics platform was great. I had a lot of touch points along the way when describing my use cases and they were easily translated into dashboards which allow me to have quick insights and share valuable information with those in the organisation.”


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