Digital Mine Operating System (MOS)

Coal Mine Develops New Digital Mine Operation Platform

The Customer Challenge

Like many mining companies, our customer in the coal mining industry were looking for ways to increase the efficiency and safety of their operations. After adopting a new mine management operating model, their existing data platforms needed to be updated and centralised to allow for more efficient site operations. The existing tools were prone to frequent failures, with numerous workarounds creating an overly complex and frustrating user experience. Together, these issues contributed to inefficient and overly-long daily site meetings, which were a source of frustration for the teams.

The Solution

TechConnect worked closely with both the mine site and the corporate head office to deliver robust and maintainable data and reporting solutions which were in keeping with the customer’s values of Collaboration, Innovation and Safety.

Our solution improved safety reporting and provided clear visibility on planned vs. actual performance, with accurate information easily available to the teams, allowing for faster and more efficient site meetings.  The solution, delivered as a web interface, enabled the shift meeting results to be captured against the metrics to ensure traceability and root cause analysis findings were stored together with the data.





Microsoft PowerBI


Microsoft SQL Servers

Microsoft Azure