Cloud Strategy

Aerocare is Australia’s largest independent provider of flight support services present in 28 Australian and New Zealand airports circa 2015.

The organisation needs to be able to leverage the information technology investment in order to enable future growth and scalability of the business.

The business recognised the potential of cloud-based services and the benefits that cloud adoption can deliver to the business such as agility, best-of-breed technology, simplification as well as risk and cost management.

The Customer Challenge

Aerocare, like many organisations, had limited cloud experience and great IT staff. The IT staff were burdened by the day to day operations, ensuring a stable and efficient IT environment. Adopting cloud-based services required a time investment and a skills repository that simply wasn’t available, the risk was simply too high to ignore.

The Approach

TechConnect IT Solutions, also a proudly Australian company, was contacted to assist Aerocare in the planning and execution of cloud services adoption. The approach adopted ensured a complete understanding of the business through workshops will all key stakeholders, an inclusive approach ensures the business understanding rather than dealing with technology in isolation.

An assessment of the existing technologies was mapped against business risk, cloud suitability, value to business, security, readiness, integration and change management. The assessment drives out the quick wins and prime choices to commence cloud adoption with the lowest risk and highest value to the business.

TechConnect IT Solution, as an independent advisor, was able to deliver a total cost of ownership assessment against several cloud providers. Aerocare remained in the driving seat.

The Outcomes

Aerocare was able to embark on their cloud journey, with the assistance of TechConnect IT Solutions, from a risk informed basis. Decisions were driven by business value with agility and simplicity front of mind.

Responding to business opportunity at the right time at the right cost ensures an even brighter future for Aerocare and Aerocare’s important customers and the customer’s customer.