Accelerate Database Freedom and Cost Benefits with AWS Babelfish for Aurora, a language your framework can understand

Low-to-No code changes to move from Microsoft SQL Server to AWS Aurora Postgres

Integrated Portfolio Solutions is a Sydney-based Independent Software Vendor (ISV). They simplify the complex with reliable solutions for the financial industry – from fully customisable portfolio & administration reporting services, to everyday automations. Their powerful solutions are designed to give finance professionals, the freedom to invest their time where it’s needed most – offering complete back office freedom, helping to create new opportunities and lasting value.

The Customer Challenge

Integrated Portfolio Solutions were looking to find a more cost-effective framework for their services, as they were facing the challenge of high direct consumption fees relating to several Microsoft SQL Server Databases, as well as management costs.

The company tried to optimise these expenses by better understanding their current deployment model involving elastic cloud compute (EC2) and older versions of MSSQL licensing. In order for them to manage this architecture more effectively, they had to invest in upgrading systems which required costly maintenance measures. As such, this initiative was aimed at finding ways to manage these factors in order to optimise expenses without sacrificing productivity or quality of service.

Integrated Portfolio Solutions (IPS) understood the advantages of modernisation and were eager to leverage contemporary, decoupled architectures while continuing their services on the AWS Cloud platform. This granted them increased performance, dependability, scalability and in turn more possibilities for innovation with greater efficiency than ever before. 

To make the transition smoother, IPS embraced Babelfish for Aurora PostgreSQL – an innovative tool funded by AWS to translate existing Microsoft SQL queries into a language their framework can understand, without the need for any re-writing or revising. The initial assessment mapped out what was needed to drive the project forward in its entirety with full remediation requirements.

The Solution

The Babelfish Compass Assessment offered a cost-effective, tailored and timely solution to help Integrated Portfolio Solutions’ with their migration goals. TechConnect, aided by the expertise of AWS ISV professionals, prepared an efficient environment for implementation avoiding significant investment in time and resources to re-writing application codes. This made it possible to kickstart the transition process right away and ensure an efficient transition with minimal disruption.

The Outcome

TechConnect partnered with AWS to provide Integrated Portfolio Solutions’ IT team an in-depth and understandable interpretation of the Babelfish Compass Assessment. Through further discussions of the list of remediation items, TechConnect created a prioritised roadmap for the necessary migration while simultaneously minimising cost by preventing undesired rewrites within various databases.


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