Predictive Medicine Data Platform

Predictive Medicine Data Platform

Using heart rate variability to predict patient outcomes

IntelliHQ’s vision is to be a globally recognised innovation and commercialisation hub which will transform healthcare through trusted Artificial Intelligence (“AI”).

IntelliHQ is a start-up business and is driving out several initiatives including the provisioning of outsourced research and
development for hospitals, commercialisation of the precision medicine data platform, the delivery of the AIKademi as well as the sponsorship of Women in AI.

The Customer Challenge

IntelliHQ have the vision but don’t have all the necessary execution capability and experience in building big data solutions to deliver upon the minimum viable product and future initiatives.

While the vision extends from ICU patient care throughout the ward, to outpatient and home care, the first objective was to prove the capability within the highly instrumented and costly ICU environment.

The Solution

Utilising TechConnect’s services has enabled IntelliHQ to deliver on key objectives, specifically a pilot to deliver the data lake capability on which to build analytics, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence solutions. Much of the work to date has been done on the MIMIC II database and using patient simulators, the Fluke MPS450 patient simulator, with the GE Carescape B450 monitor and Carescape server. This proving ground has provided a mechanism to drive uptake in the Gold Coast Hospital and Health Services facility to collect non-identified ICU patient data.

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