Online Gaming Cloud Deployment

Delivering Operational Excellence

Microgaming is among the world’s foremost gaming software developers. Microgaming’s products include Casino, Multi-player Poker, Mobile, Bingo, Land-based, Sportsbook, Live Dealer, Business Solutions, and Quickfire. Based in the Isle of Man, Microgaming is an innovator in their field having created more than 800 unique casino games and continuing to release new titles every month.

The Customer Challenge

Innovation has been an important part of Microgaming’s success to date. Microgaming understands many of the benefits of cloud computing, particularly as an engine of innovation in their industry.

Governance and compliance are of critical importance to its reputation and credibility, and Microgaming faces the challenge of balancing the benefits and perceived risks of adopting cloud services. Microgaming sought assistance from TechConnect to create a practical strategy for adopting cloud services.

The Approach

The process began with an assessment of the existing technologies and mapping these against business risk, cloud suitability, value to business, security and readiness, alongside integration and change management capabilities.

TechConnect built a solution that assesses the feasibility of applications against a systematic risk based methodology. By evaluating the adoption of cloud services according to the risk vs. reward matrix Microgaming was able to assess the value proposition of remaining on-premise or moving to the cloud.

The Outcomes

TechConnect delivered a comprehensive analysis of Microgaming’s underlying information systems, including the risks they were likely to face when migrating these systems and applications into the cloud. The team provided recommendations for the most practical and appropriate method for Microgaming to adopt cloud services, tailored to their unique requirements.

Coming from a position of knowledge, Microgaming was able to assess which projects were of most value to them and which projects exceeded the risk appetite of the organisation.

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