General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Support with ‘Right to Access’ Requirements

Microgaming supplies legendary online gaming platform systems and services.
They’ve been setting the industry standard for quality, innovation and entertainment since 1994, when they developed and launched the world’s first true online casino software.
Today, they are licensed in the UK, Malta, Gibraltar and other key markets to supply platforms and games technology, powering some of the industry’s biggest and best established online casino operators. They also offer one of the most successful online sports betting systems in the business.


Businesses operating under Article 15 of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), are required to provide access to any personal information they hold on a data subject (which can include an individual or organisation).

‘Right of access’ requests can be disruptive for a business – both financially and operationally. It’s imperative therefore that businesses operating under GDPR have the required tools and processes in place to facilitate immediate access to any personal information they may hold, and to be able to deal effectively with any ‘right of access’ requests that fall outside of the generally accepted limits.

The Customer Challenge

Our client, Apricot Investments Limited (trading as Microgaming), supplies platform systems and services to world-leading online gaming brands. Driven by centuries of combined industry experience, a collective passion for progress, and underpinned by some of the most advanced platform technology in the game, their offering is focused on one key thing – delivering powerful performance for their customers.

Microgaming operate in a highly regulated industry and within the scope of GDPR. Through a discovery process it was identified that seven years of historical data was in scope for ‘right of access’. Microgaming does not own this data, but they are responsible for ‘processing’ it on behalf of the gaming operators to whom they license their platform systems and services. And so, when an operator receives a data access request, Microgaming is contractually required to assist as processor of that data. 

Microgaming had maintained data archives, yet much of the data was stored on a tape-based media. With technology changing significantly over the years, the existing platform was outdated. 

With an excess of 500 Terabytes of data to curate, TechConnect was tasked with delivering a solution that would empower the business to meet its compliance goals.

The Solution

Working closely alongside Microgaming’s compliance, legal, operations, and tech teams, TechConnect created a solution that delivered on two key operational factors – compliance and analytics. Built on TechConnect’s Harlequin Intelligent Data Platform, which leverages the best of breed Databricks platform and is hosted on world-leading hyperscaler cloud software, the solution provided a super-efficient approach to solving this business issue.

Delivered through secure web-based architecture and built on contemporary serverless designs, the solution also scaled to the demand of Microgaming’s large customer base.

The client’s initial goal was to deliver a ‘right to access’ report within 24 hours – an aggressive target considering the period and size of data in question. However, TechConnect exceeded these expectations, delivering a solution that could facilitate a data request in under 10 minutes. A request that would have previously taken the client days or even weeks to deliver.

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