Amazon Connect

Amazon Connect

Cloud-based telephony system to support victims of domestic violence

DVConnect is a free and confidential service that helps Queenslanders who are feeling unsafe at home, find pathways to safety, away from domestic, family and sexual violence. The organisation also provides emergency transport and accommodation for entire families including their pets, creating safety plans, crisis counselling, intervention, information, and referrals at no cost.

DVConnect also offers education through their Workplace Domestic and Family Violence Training program.

The Customer Challenge

DVConnect operate a 24-hour Domestic Violence Helpline for both women and men, as well as supporting the 1800RESPECT helpline. The helplines receive thousands of calls each day from callers in difficult situations, so privacy is at utmost importance.

With the fast-paced changes in technology, DVConnect wanted to maintain the best possible communication systems to ensure their customers recieved quality service with the fastest possible response time. Additionally, their stringent Clinical Practice’s when dealing with clients expected them to have a very specific set of requirements to maintain client safety .

DVConnect identified that their current existing PABX system was at the end of its life, and could no longer be supported or maintain their requirements. Another risk was identified during the Brisbane Floods, that there was a danger that the PABX could be rendered unusable as it was located in the basement.

The Solution

DVConnect wanted to convert their telephony system to a cloud based technology, eliminating the current disadvantages of an on-premise system, whilst also maintaining the best security posture.

TechConnect offered a solution with Amazon Connect, which provided a flexible solution that met the requirements of DVConnect. Amazon Connect provides the ability to manage complex call workflows, each one satisfying a defined clinical process.

Further requirements were achieved by using Local Measure, which provided the agents the ability to give customers the answers they need with simple self-serve AI, thus freeing their time to concentrate on more complex issues.

The Outcome

DVConnect were able to facilitate a seamless communication system cutover from the traditional PABX to the modern cloud based IP telephony system, Amazon Connect. As the agents came into the office for the start of their shift, they were able to get straight to work without any disruptions.

The benefits DVConnect now have using a cloud-based telephony system are infinite: they can scale up or down as required, as well as quickly and easily change or update their system on demand.


Amazon Connect