Customer Centric Reporting

Customer Centric Reporting

Delivering best-of-breed customer driven reporting capabilities

Tactiv is a leading software solutions company and the creators of Enquire. The Enquire platform is a cloud-based, full lifecycle management solution designed for government, not-for-profits, corporates and foundations that enable these organisations to create positive social impact.

Enquire powers workflows and business processes, automates reporting, and integrates with other key systems for true end-to-end lifecycle program management. Harnessing and unifying data, Enquire enables customers to configure the software, allowing customers to finely tune the software for their operating environment.

Tactiv’s goal is to streamline the lifecycle management process to empower those who do good, better.

The Customer Challenge

Enquire enables extreme flexibility to customers, providing the ability to create custom web forms and workflows for engagements with external parties, which is pivotal to their business needs.

Tactiv’s customers needed a streamlined and easy way to analyse the data entered into Enquire. Due to the flexibility of the system, the reporting and analysis required similar flexibility to support Tactiv’s customer focus.

Tactiv identified that building custom reporting solutions would take time away from the core product offering, hence they chose to seek out industry solutions to deliver the desired outcome.

The Solution

TechConnect worked closely with the Tactiv team to fully understand the objectives and explored the Enquire data architecture to gain insights on what the needs were for both Tactiv and their customers.

Through highly engaged workshops, the team found a solution to support a centralised reporting platform whilst maintaining a customer centric customisations capability. This supports the flexibility to the customer and enables Tactiv to deliver an optimised reporting system.

By providing low-latency transformation and delivery between the application data store and the customer’s unique analytic model, customers can see the data changes they make in Enquire in the reporting solution within seconds of the changes having been made. This makes the platform feel more integrated and cohesive.


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