Automated Genomics Cloud Solution

Automated Genomics Cloud Solution

Achieving quicker results in saving lives, with automated Genomics Pipelines

The Customer Challenge

The current operational genomics ICT solution comprises a slow and complex compartmentalised solution in use in the microbiology laboratory.

A holistic solution, was required to run full and custom sequences end-to-end in half the time with a secure mechanism to share data and analyse running costs.

The Solution

TechConnect worked closely with the scientists to significantly reduce genome mapping times and eliminate queues using scalable and cost-effective cloud computing container solutions.

We were also able to automate the workflow by creating an intuitive web front end, allowing scientists to simply drop their input files on cost effective cloud storage and receive a notification once the process has completed, with the output files ready for inspection by the internal teams as well as external parties securely.

The solution is saving scientist valuable time and has been designed to be scalable and repeatable.