The team at TechConnect are proud of the work we do and always strive to delight our customers by never settling for ordinary.

Managed Services in the AWS Cloud

Managed Services

Cloud services are creating opportunities for businesses to optimise their investment in compute assets. The days of planning for peak load and scrambling around to address equipment failure are truly numbered. Businesses know that cloud can be the answer but aren’t always sure on the development and execution of a cloud strategy.

TechConnect helps businesses with their cloud strategy, de-risking adoption, optimising deployments and reducing investment in compute whilst leveraging the elasticity of the cloud. With a strong focus on the four pillars of the Amazon Well Architected Framework, TechConnect works with businesses to drive out and manage Cost Effective, Highly Available, Performant and Secure architectures.

Data Analytics in the Amazon Web Services Cloud

Data Analytics

Data is transforming organisations that understand how to leverage their data assets. Businesses have a desire to explore their data but moving away from existing approaches is daunting and has a significant impact on their businesses. Using a partner helps businesses realise value in new approaches to data management, data analytics and data science without impacting the day-to-day operations.

TechConnect delivers data outcomes, allowing businesses to focus on the important organisational objectives rather than dealing with data issues, collating poor sources of data and ensuring the right data is being used at the right time. Start visualising and democratising data within your business to attain your business goals.

DevOps in the Amazon Web Services Cloud


DevOps is an approach, an organisational culture, that drives out efficiency and focuses on business outcomes. Underpinned by technology, process and most importantly people achieve the automation you seek. People and the culture are fundamental to a successful DevOps implementation. Tooling and process drive the automation, consistency and agility that organisations seek in their approach to satisfy their customers and outperform their competitors.

TechConnect creates DevOps outcomes for businesses, allowing subject matter experts to focus on the real business objectives while automation takes care of the rest in a predictable and optimised tool assisted process.


Amazon Web Services Advanced Consulting Partner


  • Serverless Architecture
    Take your applications in the cloud to the ultimate level of elasticity with a serverless architecture. Applications built with no servers means a truly elastic and resilient architecture that grows with you. Don’t over invest in LAMP or Microsoft Architectures when you can achieve the lowest cost base with scalability that can’t be matched by traditional approaches.

    TechConnect build robust and secure serverless architectures with Amazon S3, Amazon Content Distribution Network, Amazon Route53, Amazon Certificate Manager, Amazon API Gateway, Amazon Lambda, Amazon RDS and\or Amazon DynamoDB.

  • DevOps
    TechConnect automate your DevOps approach with technologies such as Docker, Ansible, Amazon Code Deploy, Atlassian Bamboo and Amazon Code Pipeline.

    Take the headache out of deployments and remove human error. Have confidence that deployments are perfect and repeatable time after time.

  • Disaster Recovery
    TechConnect has a large disaster recovery practice, implementing and testing recovery strategies for our worldwide customers. Cloud can play an important part in a business’ recovery strategy, whether you operate in a regulated environment or have the freedom to choose your hosting location.

    TechConnect works with organisations and regulators to achieve compliant disaster recovery solutions that are well documented and regularly tested.

  • Support
    Support is critical, not just in business hours, and is particularly important when your team is dispersed across geographies. TechConnect understand this and our team has worked in 24/7 operational environments.

    The TechConnect team go the extra mile and fit in with our customer schedules and support needs to be as elastic as your cloud environment. Talk to us about how we can enable your business, even if you have strange hours.

  • Data & HPC
    High Performance compute and data analytics workloads are great candidates for cloud based approaches. Achieve the best performance per dollar with solutions that deliver results quickly but cost effectively.

    TechConnect helps customers with Portable Batch System deployments, Amazon Elastic Map Reduce, data lakes, data integration, Amazon Kinesis as well as Apache Spark & Zepplin.


Dr Kelvin Ross IntelliHQ

Dr Kelvin Ross

Director – IntelliHQ

“We’ve been delighted with the effort, professionalism and outcomes TechConnect, our AWS Cloud Services partner, have provided us since kicking off our partnership.”

Shane Wallace - Gold Cost Queensland Australia

Shane Wallace

CEO – WorkApp, works for you.

“WorkApp chose to engage with TechConnect not only because they are an Amazon Web Services Advanced consulting partner but because of their culture fit.  WorkApp, as a start-up business, required a mutual commitment to our product delivery.  TechConnect showed us this commitment and work well with our diverse team.”

Ben Tattersfield - Jetson Industries

Ben Tattersfield

Founder and Head of R&D – Jetson Industries

“TechConnect really showed innovation and initiative from our very first conversation. They worked well with our other partners across time-zones and really pushed hard to meet our deadlines for our first product to market. Helping us understand the services we required and where AWS fit into our business was critical in making sure we could deliver a product that met our technical needs, was scalable but also affordable. The guys at TechConnect did a brilliant job on delivering this and we’re looking forward to the working with them as we move to our next phase of development.”

Alastair Roberts

Infrastructure Manager – Ladbrokes Australia

“TechConnect has helped Ladbrokes review and optimise our Office 365 licensing environment, this has resulted in a more cost effective and easier to manage solution. TechConnect has provided valuable input in getting value out of the Office 365 solution by proving options to integrate Skype for Business with an external Enterprise Voice solution.”

Testimonial - AWS Partner Queensland Australia

Leon Turner

Head of IT – Microgaming

“Meeting compliance and regulatory requirements is critically important. We need to ensure that any IT service we provision meets our own, and our customers’, stringent compliance needs. TechConnect was able to provide us with a level of analysis and information that facilitated our cloud adoption process.”

Tim Schier

Technical Lead – CESS Australia

“CESS were under time pressure to deliver a federal government compliance solution, built on Amazon Web Services. In order to reduce risk and accelerate delivery CESS chose to engage an AWS partner. TechConnect were a wonderful partner, they were willing to integrate directly into a team, were very responsive and always collaborative in their approach. Most importantly a solution was delivered on time and within budget.”

Paul Dunstone

Director and Founder – Online Solution Experts

“TechConnect’s skills set in the Amazon Web Services space is second to none. At OSE we constantly refer clients in need of hosting or systems architecture expertise and have always found TechConnect to add significant value on each and every engagement. TechConnect is a valued business partner we’re more than happy to recommend to anyone looking for industry-leading digital solutions provision.”