Actionable Business Insights on Demand

Kamala Tech is a technical consultancy that delivers cutting edge solutions to its customers through direct delivery and working with partners. Customers expect Kamala to stay ahead of the game and partnerships play an important role in delivering solutions in today’s technically diverse environment.


Kamala’s customer had a significant challenge in understanding business performance due to the number and size of the various systems that delivered solutions in a global market.

Gaining insight through data was extremely slow and the business needed to be more responsive and proactive in a highly competitive market.


The stakeholders in the business were varied, and included the technical operational team, data scientists, development teams, business users and marketing, so the solution had to address operational capability.

TechConnect successfully delivered maintainable solutions with knowledge transfer and support, giving Technical users data in a format that supported the delivery of solutions in their domain, such as data science, machine learning, marketing systems, reporting and self-service capabilities in a secure and governed manner.

So, business users now enjoy immediate access to insights, enabling the business to measure success and correct course when necessary.



Douglas Hull

Senior Technical Manager – Kamala Tech

“Working with TechConnect is a collaborative experience and they work very well with our internal IT team. They are very knowledgeable and just a good bunch of guys really. They have great technical skills, show strong ownership and are always a pleasure to engage with them.”


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