Iot Big Data Analytics

The Client: Jetson Industries

Jetson Industries is an IoT and Software innovation company with a focus on taking traditional sports equipment and bringing it into the modern world. They build sensors into the equipment in order to collect data which delivers information such as speed, distance, force and spin to offer a fun and engaging platform that lets players, coaches and fans engage with the sport on a whole new level.

The Challenge

Cricket and many other sports have a large grass roots development focus, are highly competitive at the professional level and have a massive fan base. Building a system to address each of these areas is a challenge. Building a system to ingest data at sports clubs, schools, sporting events and delivering this to a multi-million fan and consumer base is a real challenge. Grass roots sports development is the easy task, developing a system to ensure low latency data from a professional game to support the commentary is another but then we add the fan companion application and the order of complexity is significantly multiplied.

The Approach

What was important to TechConnect was to deliver as a solution to Jetson that has a low total cost of ownership (“TCO”). By separating concerns on the ingestion and telemetry model inference from the consumption of the resultant data ensured the system could scale and deliver the quality of service required in each use case. This means that ingestion looks the same in grass roots as it does in international cricket, likewise for consumption of data so TCO stays down.

This is achieved by an ingestion pattern utilising Amazon Kinesis underpinned by Amazon Cognito as the authentication and authorisation layer. Consumption is achieved using AWS AppSync, not a very well-known service, that provides real-time data access, filtering, offline capability, quality of service and enterprise class fine grained security control. AWS AppSync with Cognito is an elegant solution for delivering data to a multi-million fan base in real-time.

The Outcomes

As the solution has matured so has the methodology of Jetson, we are pleased they have chosen Biarri as their commercial mathematicians for the ongoing development of the telemetry models. Bringing this work back to Australia makes everyone’s jobs a little easier but best of all they understand the AWS cloud language. Working with specialised partners such as Biarri is exciting and TechConnect enjoys working with specialists in their field.

Work has begun on the next phase for cricket, commercialisation!

“TechConnect really showed innovation and initiative from our very first conversation. They worked well with our other partners across time-zones and really pushed hard to meet our deadlines for our first product to market. Helping us understand the services we required and where AWS fit into our business was critical in making sure we could deliver a product that met our technical needs, was scalable but also affordable. The guys at TechConnect did a brilliant job on delivering this and we’re looking forward to the working with them as we move to our next phase of development” – Ben Tattersfield – Founder and Head of R&D