Medical IoT Data Analytics

The Client: IntelliHQ

IntelliHQ’s vision is to be a globally recognised innovation and commercialisation hub which will transform healthcare through trusted Artificial Intelligence (“AI”). Building upon healthcare innovation, AI, a clear disruptor, will significantly influence medical advances and improvements to patient outcomes in the coming decades. Existing research shows it is possible to identify onset of septic shock in ICU patients through the analysis of heart rate variability.  Heart rate variability measured at the microvolt level is something only machines can analyse. Obtaining and storing the ICU monitor telemetry data for pattern analysis (model development) was the primary project objective.  

The Challenge

The initial challenge was to extract ICU monitor telemetry data from the ICU systems and transfer this data in the AWS cloud. Transferring this data into the AWS cloud opened the opportunity to analyse and experiment with the data by building models to predict patient outcomes. Combining the collected data (this Project) with patient observations and outcomes (future Project) will ultimately provide a supervised data set to deliver upon a precision medicine data platform from the ICU through to homecare. The ICU has the privilege of state-of-the-art equipment which is connected to screens, alarms and automated systems.  Yet the ICU is still people intensive, assigning an ICU nurse per ICU patient. The biggest challenge being that the telemetry data disappears or is aggregated into the electronic medical record, seriously diminishing the value of the data to support building of models and fine-grained medical interventions. 

The Approach

TechConnect took on the technical challenge and worked closely with General Electric to secure equipment, connect successfully to the equipment, decode the data and save it into a well labelled data lake. On successful delivery of the test system TechConnect assisted IntelliHQ to make application to the first production hospital to deliver a live integration into the 25 bed ICU.  Approvals have been granted and the data capture is now deployed into the hospital network. 

The Outcomes

The successful outcome of this project has resulted in several new projects being planned to leverage the data such as merging anonymised patient electronic medical records with the telemetry data to build a supervised learning data set. IntelliHQ have leveraged the current capability to source funding to develop a Precision Medicine Data Platform, this includes funding from Advanced Queensland, Australian Federal Government, GE Health, Intel, Amazon Web Services and industry.

“We’ve been delighted with the effort, professionalism and outcomes TechConnect, our AWS Cloud Services partner, have provided us since kicking off our partnership.” – Dr Kelvin Ross, IntelliHQ Director