Best place to work award

Here at TechConnect IT Solutions, we pride ourselves on our culture, and value our team tremendously – for all they do and who they are as people.

By entering the WRK+ 2022 Best Places to Work awards, we were given the opportunity to gain invaluable feedback from our people to help improve upon our culture, and see how they really feel about working for TC. By taking this survey, and getting our employees engaged, we are reminded of this company’s commitment to it’s people and their retention within the company. This has been an incredible morale booster, while allowing us to showcase our company brand and our 5 Core Values – Care, Collaboration, Commitment, Creativity and Clarity.

This recognition as being one of the Best Places to Work gives us the opportunity to recruit the best candidates for future role requirements, by highlighting our organisation to anyone seeking employment. Assisting us with increasing our talent reach and gaining additional exposure to the market, it was a no brainer to enter.

We feel so honoured to be selected this year as one of the Best Places to Work, ranking 15th in the companies with under 100 employees. While we are ecstatic with our ranking and the outcome, we are reminded that there is always room for growth and improvement, which is something we always strive to achieve.

We want to say a big thank you from us to the organisers of the WRK+ 2022 Best Places to Work awards, for curating and holding this event and a congratulations to the rest of the winners. Thank you (and congratulations!), to the whole TechConnect team – without our people, this wouldn’t be possible and we are so very grateful.

"Winning the best place to work award is by far, one of the #proudest moments in my 20 years as a leader in the IT industry.

Thank you to the whole TechConnect IT Solutions team for making this happen. Our goal is to make what we do highly valuable and truly enjoyable for our team, our customers, and our partners. This recognition tells me we are achieving that goal with one of our most important stakeholders – Our Team.

This year, our Mantra is 'Your Vision Sooner' and this is across all our stakeholders. So, bring on 2023! I believe that this time, we have a good chance of coming first. That is all thanks to the great people that surrounds me."

Author: Kayla & Divine