AWS Data Lake Implementation

Businesses today are being bombarded by concepts such as Big Data, Analytics, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Data Lakes.  Many customers make excuses about their data not being that big, thankfully here at TechConnect we don’t judge you on the size of your data!

What businesses really need is the ability to gain insight into their data, whether you’re still using spreadsheets or not.  Some customers just want to throw their data at a platform and expect it to tell them what to do, in some verticals there are platforms that can help and so can more generic platforms that identify abnormalities or interesting points in your data.  Ultimately these create some insights you never had before.

Data Analytics in the Amazon Web Services Cloud

So what is really right for your business then?

This largely depends on the business’ level of maturity and what strategic objectives are driving the desire to do this.

Data lakes are great to support an overarching strategy to grow and optimise a business.  Data Lakes allow businesses to provide secure access to data for data mining and analytics, inclusive of data science activities.  It is a great starting point but it is important that the business is committed through management, information technology and the security department.  Amazon Web Services make it really easy to deliver technical capability on the AWS Cloud, the release of the data lake pattern and cloudformation templates make the undifferentiated heavy lifting disappear, leaving more time to focus on security design and analytics implementation.

Delivering your data lake solution and the analytics capability is where TechConnect can assist you.  Let us help you deliver and de-risk your data initiatives, give us a call.