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Scheduling and Automation

AWS Automation Services

Achieving automation saves you time and reduces mistakes. Get rid of the chores and focus on what really adds value to your business.

AWS Automation Services

Having to remember to do tasks such as backups, compliance reporting or clean-up operations is such a chore easily replaced through a schedule.

AWS Automation Services
Managed Scripts

Centralise your scripts and automate the deployment, these can include Powershell and bash scripts. Includes RUN COMMAND support.

AWS Automation Services
Clean Up

Clean up old data and redundant backups by using schedules to remove old items. This ensures your storage costs are managed and you don’t have to remember to go delete the old files manually, get that chore off your plate.

AWS Automation Services
Cost Management

Manage your cloud costs by scheduling the starting and stopping of instances that are only needed on occasion. These could be development and testing systems as an example or systems that are not required after hours.

AWS Automation Services

Hummingbird247 makes the burden of backup management much easier. Simply use schedules to backup volumes or instances to achieve your compliance needs, we even email you to let you know they went through ok.

Why Hummingbird247 as a name?

Hummingbirds are amazing little birds with the fastest wings and the highest metabolisms of all birds. They can also go into a state of hibernation to conserve energy, reducing their heart rate to 1/15th of the normal rate!

There are so many similarities with cloud services. Cloud services are generally adopted for scale, agility and performance. The most notable though is the ability to pay-per-use, this is just like our hibernating Hummingbird.

You have all these features available to you as a scheduling service, hence 24 hours a day 7 days a week, and it‘s just what you need to sleep soundly at night.

“Flappy Flappy Sleepy Sleepy” is our way of talking about Hummingbird247.

  • USD $0.10 per action
  • Capped at US $200 per month
  • 50 Free Operations per month
  • Email Notifications
  • Full History Reporting
  • Responsive Design
  • No credit card required in free tier

 Nolan Venkiah

Nolan Venkiah

Snr Infrastructure Engineer - Zapper

After using the product for almost two months I’m very happy with the automation of the most mundane but essential AWS tasks, such as starts & stops on a schedule, creation and de-registration of AMIs.

These simple but important tasks are difficult to execute consistently and dependably. Hummingbird247 does this efficiently and reliably.

The benefit to an AWS admin is the part Hummingbird247 plays in KPIs such as cost management and disaster recovery.

Hummingbird247 is a brilliant tool in the toolbox of any AWS professional.

Talk to us today about how we can save you time, money and make you a DevOps professional.